our values

continual progress towards sustainability is incredibly important to us. we are constantly evolving and learning new ways to improve our business. 



from the brand’s inception, our aim has been to design and produce small, considered collections that are ethically manufactured.

each garment and collection is consciously designed, to avoid wasted material and unnecessary styles. we are big believers in buying fewer and buying better- that's why we design high quality, timeless pieces that you will love for longer. 



all of our garments are responsibly made in our hometown of adelaide, australia. by manufacturing locally, we are reducing our carbon footprint. and by working with a small factory, we are able to produce small quantities, in an effort to reduce excess stock. the factory we work with is made up of Ray and wife, Ying. Together, they produce 100% of our garments. the beauty of working with a local manufacturer means we have been fortunate to cultivate meaningful relationships and support our local economy.

at the beginning of each collection release, we hold a short pre-order period. by taking pre-orders, we have a clearer understanding of quantities to manufacture, to avoid overproduction. we do produce additional units, however we keep quantities very limited. 



we are committed to using high quality natural fabrics. this is largely because of the wonderful benefits of wearing natural fibres, as well as the negative impact synthetic fibres can have through the laundering process. 

all of our fabrics are sourced through reputable mills, either directly from the mill or through australian agents. 

a portion of the fabrics we use are deadstock fabrics. deadstock is leftover fabric either from mills that have over produced or brands that have over ordered on fabric. instead of going to landfill, we are giving it new life. 



all online orders are sent in recyclable cardboard mailing boxes, made from 80% recycled material that are manufactured in Australia. 

our note cards are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed using organic based non toxic inks.

we are constantly looking into alternative sustainable packaging solutions, that will continue to protect your garments in transit and still give you a positive unboxing experience! 


product care

we want you to enjoy your öösel pieces for years to come. the correct product care will help lengthen the life of your garments. 

a common misconception is that silk must be dry cleaned. however, most silks can be hand washed. we recommend hand washing your silk and cotton pieces, using a natural detergent. it is gentler on the garment, saves water and energy and doesn't require as many harsh chemicals as dry cleaning. 

over washing your clothing can result in colour fading and misshaping. we recommend only washing when necessary.

did you know that sunlight is a natural antibacterial agent? by leaving your clothing in subtle sunlight for a short period it can help remove light odours. 

spot cleaning is also a good way to remove marks without putting through a full wash. 

to dry your garments, we recommend avoiding tumble dryers. remove excess water and dry flat in the shade. 

*please refer to washing instructions outlined on the specific garments care label.

our values can be summed up by one very simple yet, undoubtedly important word; kindness. we aim to be a brand that encompasses kindness in everything we do. in the way we treat people and how we treat the planet.