our story

the brand

taking nightwear to dreamy new heights, öösel is a contemporary womenswear label that designs sleepwear and loungewear, equally appropriate for bed or the bar.

öösel is designed for women who want to extend their sense of style to their sleepwear wardrobe. our philosophy is that women should feel comfortable and empowered no matter who comes knocking at the door.

our high quality silks are sourced through reputable mills, and crafted in australia. öösel is built upon a strong set of sustainability and ethical values and as it continues to grow, will remain at the forefront of every decision we make.

öösel (pronounced err-sel) is named after the estonian translation of 'at night', drawing upon the heritage of our founder's paternal grandparents.

 the founder

öösel was founded in 2017 by lauren puvi. lauren studied fashion design and technology in adelaide, australia before moving to sydney to follow her love of fashion.

after years of working in the fashion and jewellery industry, including esteemed australian brand scanlan theodore and cult jewellery label sarah & sebastian, lauren returned to her hometown of adelaide, with the mission to design the pyjamas of dreams.

she is a night lover and is happiest when dancing or sleeping...in silk of course.

Fashion Designer of Sleepwear and Loungewear Brand Lauren Puvi